Luke 19:28-44

Three Groups of People:

1. Those Who Rejoice and Receive (Luke 19: 37-38)

-A week before the cross, Jesus entered Jerusalem to shouts of praise and worship.

-This was the Triumphal Entry.

2. Those Who Rejected (Luke 19: 39-40)

-The Pharisees had made up their minds that Jesus could not have been what He claimed.

3. Those Who Didn’t Care and Completely Missed What Was Happening (Luke 19:41-44)

-Some people were present, but just on the sidelines. Not cursing God, but not praising Him either. Not denying Jesus, but not receiving Him. Not mocking Him, but not worshiping Him.

We must decide what kind of person we are going to be.

When Jesus looked up at Jerusalem, He wept. (Luke 19:41)

When Jesus looks at you today what does He see?

Jesus is passing by each of us again today. You must decide what you will do.