Mark 9:30-37

Mark 9:30-37

1. Jesus teaches us that we Have to Develop a Proper Focus

Mark 9:35

• It's counter cultural to change our perspective from being me focused to being other focused.

2. Jesus Wants us to Focus Our Attention on Acts of Service

Mark 9:35

• Servant of who??? Servant of ALL!!!

3. Jesus Challenges Us to Focus on the Acceptance of Others

Mark 9:36

• Jesus knew that the greatest service we can do for one another is to see every person as important and valuable.

The key to understanding this verse is found in the phrase "in my name."

You don’t welcome a child into your arms because of how that child can advance your career. You don’t take a child in your arms because it will give you status or recognition in the community. You welcome a child out of love.

The Bible tells us that God is love, so receiving a child in His name is accepting that child in love.

Jesus is saying that to achieve greatness or significance in the Kingdom of God, you must welcome and love people with no consideration of what someone can do for us.

God says to love people because they are precious to Him.