Mark 10:13-16

Mark 10:13-16

Jesus extended grace to kids in a unique way.

Because kids matter to Jesus, they should matter to us.

This passage challenges us with 3 action steps…

  1. Let Children Come (Mark 10:14) We need to lead children to Jesus every opportunity we get. If we don’t, we may be hindering them from becoming all that Christ has planned for them.

  2. Learn from Children (Mark 10:15) Jesus is saying that if you want to grow up spiritually, you first need to become like a child. To enter the kingdom of God, you must:

  • Have faith like a little child
  • Become dependent like a little child.
  • Receive the kingdom as a gift of God
  1. Love Children Intentionally (Mark 10:16)
  • It takes a family to give grace to a child.
  • It takes a church to give grace to a child.